I am in a part of my mind
Which knows no restraints.
I can be anyone I want to be.
I can be uncontained.
I am insecure and flawed.
I am ice which can't be thawed.
I am a river gushing raw.
I am the flesh on which you have clawed.

Combinations you cannot decipher,
I am a secret that's lost.
I am hidden everywhere,
Even where our paths have never crossed.

I come out in the space
You've left for someone else
You stare at me in the strangest way
I stand my ground and take in your gaze.

Should I move?
No, Why should I?
Why should I move?
When my muse can be brought to life?

Happy New Year

Everyone's left when my back was turned.
Everyone's talking about me now.
I can hear their whispers faintly. 

There's faint laughter where there was silence.
There's now an edge to my bed.
I cannot see the bottom from the edge.

You've crept up from the dark
And asked me out twice already
I'm shapeless, I'm a circle.

Points of light point at me
Points you make point at doubts.
I had feet of lead in the mirror I was looking at.

Reboot the machine.
Make it rain.
Drain the water.
Make the sun shine.
If the clouds come again,
It will be new ones.

Fly away, to where you've asked me to go.
Fly away, till ignorance seeps in again.
Fly away.
Fly away. 

Be Quiet Now

The road splits three ways.
I'm on one,She's on one, 
There's silver lining on the third road.

The road I am on still has innocence.
You can see it flailing its arms at the travelers.

I can disappear. Completely,unobserved. 
But if I do I'll appear somewhere on the same road.
For the other two roads, I have to walk the distance.

There's a man who can talk to cats,
There's a boy who keeps disappearing;
Sometimes there's a girl in white with him when he reappears.
There's a man who keeps looking for a well and hums The Thieving Magpie.
There's a girl who stares at the mirror all day and murmurs, "How can that be me?"
There's one future, there's one past.
The present is a choice between too many worlds.

But I know She is on the third road.
But I want miracles from the silver-lined road.
But I want to watch these people on my road.

"Be Quiet, Be Quiet, Be Quiet now.
You're talking too much!
Maybe the miracle you wish for will be Her 
Maybe the miracle you wish for will be all these people
On the silver-lined road itself.
You need to be there to know." 
Whispered the eyes of the man and the woman from behind the fake trees.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...