Soul Sex

Sitting in a cafe,
near the hotel we made love for the first time,

of first of such mornings, 
of the warm sun rays , 
of the hundred many ways.
Drunk in love and lust,
as if it was just last night.

Written by fellow blogger as a guest writer for this blog: Abhay H. Soningra.   @AbhaySoningra


I live in Alpharetta, Georgia in the USA in this community where we have a few other Indian families living too. On Saturday afternoons, it's common to see kids from the community running around or playing  at the children's park. I usually go to the gym at night but it being a Saturday, I didn't have work and went to the gym in the afternoon. While there, the gym door opens and two little girls come in. No one except me was in the gym that day and these two girls come in and start playing around the gym floor, running on the treadmills, sliding on it, fiddling with the weight machines etc. Out of concern of them getting hurt somehow, I asked them not to play around with the machines and the treadmill. The older one of the two immediately chirped in saying that they came to the gym everyday around that time to run and play around. Both of them had really long hair tied in braids and of course there was a chance that it could get caught up between the treadmill's rolling mat and it's sides while they sat on it and slid to the end.

The older one then proceeded to ask me if I came everyday. I said yes but at night. She said she had never seen me. I told her it was probably because I came to the gym at night after work. She said okay and proceeded to tell me entire details about herself and her family without me having asked for any. Kids I tell you! Her name was V(let's say) and her sister's name was P. Her dad worked in an IT firm and her mother was a housewife. She was 9 and her sister was 7 and she liked teasing her sister a lot and her sister never said anything to her. She liked mangoes and her dad was very busy at work, on Saturdays too. Such details without having asked for them lol!

She asked me where I was from, I said from West Bengal. She said she didn't know where that was and explained that when she came to USA a few years ago, she forgot about India geography. They were originally from Tamil Nadu.  She asked me where West Bengal was in India. I told her it was in the east of India, up towards the north and the east. She said she knew about Punjab only in the North and then flatly said, "So you are not from South India, you don't like eating dosa then". I really couldn't say anything and she didn't give a chance to even and she asked me if I have a wife. I said no and told them I live alone. Her reaction to this? "So how do you eat? You must be eating outside mostly" with an expression that said she was sympathizing. I told her that I didn't, I cooked myself. Her reaction to this? "Oh so you are aunty?" I was like why? She said because you know auntys cook and my mother also cooks and my father works. I asked her "Does your father never cook or does he not know how to?" She said "No he can cook, but he only cooks chicken sometimes but he is always working and he works till late night". I asked her, "So will you call your father an aunty because he cooks?"  She said, "No no, he is our father, how can he be aunty?" I didn't press further. Acting on this mindset that was suddenly presented by them, I told them that till a month ago I used to have long hair that went below my shoulders. They were shocked and said, "but how can you have long hair? We have long hair, are you a woman?" and giggled. I didn't press further again. I changed the subject and asked them why aren't you playing outside or swimming like the other kids? V says: "No our father told us not to go swimming." I asked why. V said: "He says we will become black, see my sister is already so black, I am still brown" I really didn't know what to say to this and looked at her sister who probably was a little offended and hit her sister. And immediately they started running around, trying to hit each other.

I stood where I was and looked at them and wondered how it was that these little girls, living and being brought up in such a connected and globalized world, had these above notions ingrained into them at such a young age of nine and seven. They had been living in the USA for years now and went to a school where there were students from different backgrounds and yet these notions were seeded into their young minds. I understand that it's more probable thing to happen in India where the social environment could play a role but this was a different society, a different environment and I wondered where things had gone and was still going wrong. 



It's getting dark outside
The winter cold almost upon us,
I know you are thinking about me as I am about you.
We are cut from the same stone,
pebbles in a stream of consciousness,
eroded, uprooted and heaved
into different corners of the world.

Morning surrenders itself
into a haze of melancholy
hanging grim from a pale moon.
And when it's eight o'clock
I'll catch a faint whiff of your favorite perfume
as if you had reached the bottom of the stairs.
But that's all there is,
the door won't open and you won't come in.

I'll come back
before you start to forget my face,
before the glory of the sun fades on your cheek,
before the tern returns to it's nest,
before the thunder reaches it's peak.


Overlap: A Collection Of Poems

"Overlap is the first book by Indian writer Mayukh Chatterji, a collection of 25 poems that speak about parts of our realities that do exist and those which we wished existed, stories and of course, romance."

Yes!!!! That's what it says on the Amazon website (Buy Overlap@Amazon) !!!
From all the years of blogging that started way back in 2008, I compiled 25 of my poems from my blog and wrote a new one called Overlap, designed the book cover and put it all together and published it through Amazon's services. The book is dedicated to my family and I am thankful to my friends who helped me with their inputs on the book content and the design.

With this, I am now a published poet. This blog post does seem a little self-obsessed but I did manage to put it all together and get it done. The main influence for this sudden drive has been someone I met recently who has become an essential part of my life somehow.

The book is available as digital content across all Amazon Kindle devices and the Kindle app for mobile phones across the world. However, it is available as a paperback in select marketplaces of Amazon, namely www.amazon.com , https://www.amazon.de/ , https://www.amazon.fr , https://www.amazon.es , https://www.amazon.jp , https://www.amazon.co.uk , https://www.amazon.it

But the paperback book can be delivered from  https://www.amazon.de/market place to most countries around the world. I hope to reach out to readers and build an audience for myself through my writing and the book is somewhat of a success to encourage my own self to keep writing.

Read and review at (Buy Overlap@Amazon)....



Without you

Everyday isn't everyday without you.
There could be blackouts and storms
or my house could burn down.
But it wouldn't really be much different without you somehow.

I know I'll fade away.
But I wish you wouldn't let me.


She said no.
She could see what she had done.
But she said no.
It broke her heart.
She looked at the ground and stared at the pieces of his heart lying on the tiny square of floor space between them.

Unmoving, he looked at her fingers resting on the lines of fate on his palm.
She shifted a little and fate changed itself.

Inside that bubble created by two letters,
the silence was deafening.
He felt a weight descend on his shoulders.
She felt light as a balloon.
The surreal had worn off,
overtaken by reality and age.
The final picture could not be the same as the one they had envisioned when they started painting three years ago.
She would dissolve with the paint.
He wouldn't notice she was gone.

He put the ring  into his pocket and smiled.
After all, she could say no if she wanted to.



I am sitting at the International Arrivals section of Dulles airport right now and watching people.
Reunions are always special.Different communities of people arriving and being received by their loved ones is something to watch. However different they are, I see no differences in the way they are greeting and hugging each other. Their language may be different but the body language is the exact same- the smiles, the grins, the way their eyes are lighting up, the hugs, the kisses, the running into each other's arms - there is no difference between people. The Arrival Gate is one of the best ways that you can understand we are all the same, the differences we see or read about and hear about are elements fostered in our own minds giving rise to misconceptions, assumptions, prejudices.

Each child is ditching their bag(s), shrieking and running into their father's, mother's, grandparents', uncles', aunts' arms. They are the best part to watch. Such unadulterated pure joy. It's an amazing experience to watch love among people - you always know there is still so much good in the nooks and corners of life that usually get overshadowed by daily routines, politics and hate.

Imagine the possibilities if we all stopped a little in our lives to move together as one community instead of focusing on differences between our own selves.Unfortunately, most of it is in our nurture and the way we are brought up. A lot of prejudices and differences get built into the brain and our habits which almost becomes innate and is difficult to overcome. But all we need to do is consciously try. A little effort could always go a long way.

Soul Sex

Sitting in a cafe, near the hotel we made love for the first time, of first of such mornings,  of the warm sun rays ,  of the hundred...