When i was sixteen
I cudnt stop staring
Stealing glances
At all the women passing by.

The class teacher
As well as the tutor
And the girl
In the next house in the sweater.

But hey wasn’t it fun?
To be looking at a whole new dimension?
And yeah! Call it fortune
That I was never the serious one.

U can very well imagine now
The man that I am
But I’ll be glad to tell u ur wrong.

Theres a whole new side to me
That I never knew existed
N its wilder than what I’d known.

So yeah! Isn’t it fun?
To be feeling up a whole new dimension?
And yeah! Call it fortune
That I was never the serious one.



Fade away slowly till u seem like smoke.
Then fade farther till u
don't sting any one's eyes.

wouldn't miss you i bet,
nor would anyone else.
wouldn't seem much of a surprise.

Lie close to her, hold her heart so it doesn't break,
speak nothings to her so she can sleep off slow.

Do it once, twice and then everyday.
your not smoke by then u can have your way.

Bring them flowers, take them places.
With a smile on
your face, show u don't care for yourself.

Do it once,twice and then everyday.

your not smoke by then u can have your way.

You don't have the strength it takes to smile anymore.
What use are you if you can't make it rain anymore?

All trouble wants is contentment.

Contentment on the other hand doesn't recognize itself.

Before u
have time to seize the day, the day seizes u,
ties u down,strangles u.

Keep working at the knots, you'll never break free.

Keep fading
away to smoke, yeah then your free.


The Traitor

Never did he falter on his way
A little school boy carrying a yellow balloon on Sundays
The ruffled hair, eyes taking in everything
Surprised and confused yet knowing in a way
Contented in his troubles
Consumed by the population
It was always his renditions
Which got him through the days.

Sunlit kid, wont u look at me once?
Turn your eyes back one last time?
Let me see the eyes for a moment.
Where have u waded in your sorrow?
Seeping memories don’t last forever
Sleeping ones do, from beneath the earth.

When the wind blows that fringe over your forehead
I am reminded once again
Of the little boy I lost somewhere.
I killed you and you killed me again and again.
No wrong was left to right.

As the last bird flew away
And the guns echoed their fearful roars
I watched as you finally turned to me.

The crowd screamed their satisfaction
While I watched the balloon rise to the clouds.
The green on the other side welcomed you as you sank in the pool of red.
A single tear licked my nose as I steered my sight to the skies above.

A small pool of light fell on your ruffled hair,
Brown glinted off it while your eyes stared and stared.
With practiced steps, the mechanical whores
Scooped you up and laid you bare.
The trumpet marshaled triumph
The people cried in joy.
The traitor, a hole in his head
The nation couldn’t spare.



Its not been many years down the road
But they make u feel its been a long long time.
Its time now they understood who u r.
The little boy isn't around anymore.

They never asked you how things were.

Expected u to just tell them everything.
But what they never saw was that little seed of anger ready to bloom any da
You wanted your way and they,theirs.
Since you didn't talk that much,it made things hard.
Hard to arrive at a compromise.

So you went your way, and they went theirs.
Occasionally your roads would meet.

And an outburst would be inevitable.
A volley of screams and incoherent words would follow.
Things haven't changed, they still look the same.
Just that you keep praying for no more of it

In the days that are yet to come.

But after all this time,yes you have grown.

From that lonely kid in that green colored room to a lonely man in the same.
The others don't seem to bother, and get on with their ways.

You try to follow suit, but end up lonely again.
It's all a lie you convince yourself
But all you do in fact,is hide yourself.
There are reasons to be out there, be free and let it rain.
But the lies have made you cynical of what is actually sane.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...