I sometimes remember dreams

this one's written on evernote half asleep so excuse the grammar and the punctuation.

Haha..i had Such a nice fun dream. Me and two other friends sat down to watch game of thrones. As the show started we got pulled into the show in the tv. Inside the 3 of us randomly wandered off and got separated. And then all hell broke loose. I didn't know where they were and I got caught in d middle of a scuffle. Basic handfights over some shit. Someone pulled out a knife. It was that guy who was in mama too. Ned stark or something. N he fucking stabbed me. Nice clean wound.motherfucker. In the thigh. I broke out from the scuffle and tried to find the other two but couldn't. After some wandering around I learnt that they had died. So I had to now get out from the show. I got out somehow. And went home. Home was Kolkata home but It was placed in Aundh.I called up a friend to tell her that our two friends got lost and she was super happy about it. Everyone sed go stitch up the wound.some cousins were visiting and one of them was doing some weird tech shit which was a horror to watch. She was saying that she could make calls from a toy telephone by using her sim from her mobile phone. N I was thinking good god. N asked her to call her mom up who was a doc. I needed to know some meds for my wound. And lo and behold she made the call from the toy telephone. I was shocked. So I talked to my aunt who sed u shud apply some insect bite cream to where u got stabbed. I was like wtf. She sed yes. So I go downstairs and go out. On the way theres some kid who is playing cricket ALONE. I mean wtf. The little centipede child was hitting the ball and then running back and forth for ages ALONE. Meds shop was being run by some fat guy who found it extremely funny that I had gotten stabbed. He called up hs frends to tell them too and u guys appeared frm somewhere and laughed too. I laughed too. Then it started to rain and this girl came In. Some foreign chick off to Goa after charity work in Mother Teresa's home. And she was wow. Everything else faded. The meds shop guy...u guys all faded. Only ur laughter remained hanging in the air. And that goddamn centipede child who kept running from here to there. Dream end. 😃



Something weird happened today.

I usually wake up at around 9-10 in the morning since I have second shift at office. But lately due to water crisis in Pune, I sometimes wake up pretty early; around 7-8 in the morning to make use of the water that the municipality supplies  just once in the morning. Taking a shower, washing clothes, utensils etc are all done then. After that there is no more water supply to Pune. So we have to store water for later use too. It's a lot of work.
But usually I am never awake before 8 AM.

Towards early morning the fan in my room started making noises erratically, disturbing my slumber erratically. Around 630 in the morning today the fan suddenly stopped. Just out of nowhere- STOP!!! I got up and checked the power... We had electricity. I turned on the light and tried to move the fan with a bottle. It wouldn't budge one bit. I tried to move it both directions but it was stuck and just made a loud electrical humming noise. I tried switching it off and on again to no avail. I turned it on and tried one last time with the bottle. Just as suddenly it has stopped, it started to move again and gained its momentum. By this time all my sleep was gone and I realized I was thirsty. So I moved towards the kitchen to drink some water.

That's when I heard it.

The sound of flowing water. Now water from the municipality starts being supplied around 6 AM. Pune was suffering from water crisis and someone had left the tap on in the bathroom and water was flowing away wasted to glory. Fortunately it wasn't turned open all the way so the flow wasn't strong. I turned it off and went back to my life.

There seemed to be a reason why the fan had stopped. It was so weird. It was a sign, a message to save and conserve water. In the most unimaginable way possible. But how did it happen?

I think the five dimensional sentient beings who know about water scarcity on Earth  in the future sent out  a strong gravitational wave to stop the fan(which, as is apparent from above,NEVER happens) for a few seconds wherein I got up and fidgeted with it and lost all my sleep. As soon as the gravitational wave passed, the fan started to move again but I was thirsty by then which led me towards the kitchen and led me to the realization that water was being wasted somewhere in the house and I should stop it. The gravitational wave lasted a few seconds but the future beings knew that I would complete the task with those few moments of inconvenience.


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