Summers gone and now the rain
comes to fill the open sky.
When you're looking back u know
the best of u stands by.
You'll never know what you've missed today
but you've had the best of times.
Circling birds silhouette
dreams where u can fly.

You're left riddled by the void in you.
Luck wasn't fair to you at all.
But She'll make sure She comes back for you.
So you can go ahead and make your father proud.

I see the shadow of a man by you
and I tell u he isn't love.
The hand you're holding is just an illusion,
the hand you want is far off.
You're scared at first but you hold on still
with sliver of hope in your eyes.
But it's time to let go and you do it at peace,
while u watch the darkening sky.


Love Ain't There

Today I have a show for under-privileged children in the city. I guess we are lucky we have so much to do and so many things in life. Yet we never pause to think about them and never realize what they really mean. What we do is complain and whine in spite of everything.

I wrote this song last year about the children who have no place to call home, who are used and abused by the society we have built for ourselves, who are lost and are without love. I pray for their souls to be happy and pray that we change. I am going to sing this tomorrow without any expectations of criticisms or compliments. I hope people understand a little of it and change a little bit at least. Those bits can sum up to an extraordinary amount in the future.....


I close my eyes,
surrounded by the talking rain.
I lift my hands and I,
I cry for you and I pray.

I wait for no one.
I wait for everything to be alright.
But I keep waiting,
waiting for a star to come out shine.

Before its too late I want to make a wish.
A wish for good to come and try to coexist.
Love ain't there, there's so many things to lose.
Don't lose faith or you won't know what to do.

I'm now alone,
surrounded by the unknown despair.
But I'm hopeful,
that my world is gonna change.

I'll wait for no one.
I'll wait for everything to be alright.
And I'll keep waiting,
waiting for my star to come out shine.

Before its too late I want to make a wish.
A wish for good to come n try to coexist.
Love ain't there, there's so many things to lose.
Don't lose yourself or you won't know what to do.


"Heal The World"

www.facebook.com/sftimetochange - This one's for a contest.

"Time to change" encompasses almost every little detail that we have to offer as the human race. After millions of years of inhabiting the planet, we've made serious errors and gone ways that are so wrong as only conceivable in the very devil's mind himself. While there have been people who have tried to spread the message of bringing about change through protests, their music, poems, stories, the media, the success obtained hardly passes for anything that's worth boasting about.

"What we've got here is failure to communicate,Some men you just can't reach, So, you get what we had here
last week,Which is the way he wants it!Well, he gets it!N' I don't like it any more than you men."

Communication and acceptance together form the greatest tool that we could ever use to treat the epidemic that are our own wrong doings. We do have communication in our society as well as acceptance. But these exist very rarely together. The key to find
ing a solution to change the world around us is ourselves. The moment we change ourselves, we change the world. But each one of us is so busy trying to find a place for ourselves among this maddening crowd, trying to get the better of one another, trying to lead the others, that we forget the initial objective we had. It's time people made promises to themselves and kept it. It's time they took a good look at themselves before believing in anybody else. It's time that people stopped killing in the name of the same God, in whose name others preach peace. If God to people is the omniscient being who brings peace and harmony and love among humankind, where does the killing come in? Love and peace can only step in when we have respect for each other. If we want peace to step in, we must respect every man,woman and child around us. And if we do respect them, why kill them? Isn't it against the very logic that God helps bring peace unto ourselves?
I wonder how many people sleep fitfully at night in today's world. We are all worried about where our lives are going and what the future holds for us. We continuously refuse to see the bigger picture or help contribute to it. We think we are in our own individual ways but we are not. Attending a protest rally, donating some money towards people working to bring the change doesn't make a difference. The heart needs to be in the right place, to believe in something and not budge one inch. That's where we go wrong. We are fickle and swayed easily. Acceptance of cultures, religions, nations among others is a key step on the larger scale. But before any of that happens, acceptance of the same within the nations themselves is what is needed. 
For years down the line, almost all nations and their people have aimed to bring about peace to their land. It started out with the caveman himself, and Darwin fortified the same generalizing it as ‘survival of the fittest’, underlining the fact that each creature will eliminate any possible threats to his territory in order to maintain peace for his own self. The concept broadened, changed structures & morphed into various forms down the time line.
Today we still fight for peace against each other. We claim to be the most advanced animal that has ever walked yet we still have not found a key to nurturing peace. We point out differences between every other men, inculcate in our children to develop the same wrong ideals we ourselves have. If you put an African elephant and an Indian elephant in a cage, both would just see each other as elephants. Why is it that we point out differences? It is time, don’t you think? Time we found a solution to the bother. Every day the video and the print media report blasts, shootouts, accidents, fights, robberies. All of it has become so common that people hardly take any notice nowadays. How many of us remember every tragedy that has shaken the very roots of our world? The numbers are so great that remembering has become an impossible feat to accomplish. What if everyone lived in harmony, without the urge to nose around? The world would most definitely see a lot less lives lost and a lot less families grieving.
“With great power comes great responsibility”.
We all nodded our heads in assent to it when Uncle Ben told Peter Parker in Spiderman. What did we do about it? Did we at least take a look in the mirror to see if we even respected ourselves enough to be responsible? No. Because we are afraid we will let out the truth we hide from ourselves even. The mask must be kept on. Without realizing so even.
The word here is “WE”, not “I”. WE must act together as a whole to prevent the world falling to pieces at our own hands. The future belongs to us and our children. Let us strive to remove quarrels, trifles, wars in the name of religion, caste, creed, religion that threaten every bond we have among ourselves. Let us teach our children the same values-there is no difference. We are all humans. If we do not have a solution to peace, let us not start anything that breaks peace where it exists. For the world is not ours alone.
As the deceased has rightly said:
“Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me”
~Michael Jackson.
"Once there was a way to get back home"


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