In time...

This is for every friend with whom ways have parted. Maybe we are in touch, maybe we are not. Its for anyone with who my time and place do not coincide with theirs. After college, when we are all headed out to change our lives, it's a completely different feeling from the one after school.

Someday when there's no dream to follow
I'll find you.
But isn't there always a question of why I never tried before?
It was never because I didn't want to,
It was because I couldn't.

And in time we will meet
Sit beside the moon on a sheet
And in no time we will be back here to where we are
Where you are busy etching the scars.

If it wasn't for you,
I'd never know what to do.


Riverfront lament

Who's to say what has been,
who's decide what will be?
Gently the river weeps for those lost.
a blatant show of love forgot.
The sky mirrors what today has been.
The fire red clouds are hard to miss.
The Demon savors all he's brought to his side,
a maniac laugh even the Gods cannot deny.

Every man rode into the battle,
knowing what was in store.
Did they not wish for just a moment,
that they had sat behind closed doors?
What is strength without belief?
What is courage without honor?
An empty little pot sitting alone in a corner.

My sword shines wickedly still
while the men's wounds scream.
A thousand ants now march in rhythm
to turn the red in to green.

A battle lost, a battle won
never seemed to matter in my dreams.
I wish waking up was an option here
And all I remembered was the stream.


is all that the world cares about.
Through eternity there has been but one truth:
to search, to find. to destroy.
That's not just us, but whoever roams the earth.
Every moment in life counted, every second ticks less as u move ahead.
Not a stone left unturned in the search for freedom.
A word that no longer holds the meaning it once held
We are but whores to the search for freedom:
swaying in its scent, dancing to its power, misguided through life.
Isn't it obvious that freedom is a myth?
Then why the centuries of bloodshed?
You find reason in the back of your mind,
in the voices that tell you to forge your sword.
The voices lie, as do those around you.
One little foray into what man can do unto himself
and man knows what he is capable of.
Yet there are others who stop at nothing to make fools of themselves.
No reason is a good one to suffocate the children,
No reason good enough to explain why the women suffer.
No reason why at all man should power through
while making the innocent pay.

Its not what you know that makes u a man.
Its who you are underneath all that .
Power is a drug
and one whiff of the wrong one will lead but unto death.

Every man faces the one question at every point in his life:
which path do I take?
Little knowing that there is always a choice,
its never a dead end.
There is no one who can bound another in chains forever.
Nobody is entitled to his life being taken away.
Man plays God, while worshipping an idol of a different kind.
The earth beneath bleeds it out for what man's happiness and woes.
In the eternal search for what is his,
man has destroyed not just his but the One who gives him life.



What a wonderful world....

Its never too late to start or stop anything. Life, in all its courses, has a queer way of treating you like a ship in churning waters sometimes. There are times, on the other hand, where you simply do not realize how time is flying by because you're enjoying every moment of it. When such times start you say to yourself, "Thank God, now that the bad times are done, I will learn as much as I can out of what is to follow". But it doesn't happen, and in a flash, you're in churning waters again.

Tossed and thrown about, you cannot help but wonder at the might being forced on you. It is scary but then the very thought about how you threw away the past is useless. No doubt that without the past there would be no present and without the present, no future, but all you can do is cling on to the present. True, the future is damn scary. But then, trying to go back to the past just because you are familiar with it is hopeless. Tempting. But a mistake. To be unhappy, it takes a very short while. But getting back happiness takes a lot more time than ever. Human beings have a tendency to claw at the sadness in their lives, just because they are associated with the most precious moments in their lives. Hence, getting back that happiness is a huge hurdle. Anyone managing to do that and keep himself there(or maybe not) is a true winner. And the best part about being the winner here? You get to be so anytime you decide, anytime you want. You do that and there are people all around to cheer. Losing out ain't so bad, there's no one to jeer. Even if u do lose out, springing back to the winner's stand is completely your will.

"Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true."

That is what the present is all about. However much it hurts, however much it gives you joy, that is all there is for you to live for.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...