The Lion's "Tail" (tale)

I hung a lion by its tail today.
As I did it, he roared and almost pawed the air away.

The lion was a twit as I had thought.

Easier than the plan he got caught.

It took him a while to realize that he had been tricked.

But by that time I had had him by the whip.

To let it go would be such a waste.

I could get a life if it stayed that way.

This was an option that hadn't clicked before.

In an instant opened my career's door.

I would show him off to the world.

Go everywhere with it till I was bald.

Who would have seen a lion like this?

Tied by the tail, its hard to miss.

All that crap school, colleges had taught.

Till now seemed to have got me naught.

Piggyback the lion, I would go far and wide

Known as the man with the iron hide.

My parents would be proud,as would my friends

New careers would open up again.

Now I start,with a smile and a twitter.

The lion,my gold, is all that glitters.



Sometimes you wish you weren't there. The act is awkward, embarrassing or sad. And you just don't wanna be a part of it. But you have to.
There are times when you don't wanna sleep, but just lie awake and think of everything. But you can't. Days are tiring, and there is too much to do. To top it all, no one makes it any easier. You start looking for your solace, your world where you can escape. You realize that much of what yours peers have said are lies and false. No one can be taught to face the world. Everyone learns on his/her own. Be it that boy who has had to work his way all his life for his daily bread or that kid in bright clothes from a posh house. Life unveils slowly and steadily at times but then again, speeds up so much so that you don't have time to grasp onto what whizzed past. They say the most complex thing on the planet is the DNA helix and its mapping and uncoding it will take years. Life's helluva more complicated than that. It's all these sticks piled on each other where the sticks say stuff life 'relationships', 'friendship', 'career', 'family' etc etc. And all these sticks have innumerable branches and more sticks coming out of them, each for every person in life. And sometimes they overlap and sometimes it is so that there isn't anymore space to overlap even. New sticks arise, piled, blueprinted, arranged in the most complex geometrical figure possible. If only it weren't so.



You do seem to linger around. And I can never face you. A veil separates us. Always has. At one point it did seem to vanish. But then again, at that point you weren't there. But when you came back again, nothing ever seemed to have changed. The veil fluttered like before and words still fumbled and spluttered before escaping as nonsense to the realm of the world. Thin and fragility personify you all the more with each passing day. And I yearn for you to feel my touch.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...