Start for the start.

I will start from the end and roll back to where it started. Truth is, I don't know where it started. Along the way I will look for clues to lead back to the past. The past needs to be changed. After I complete the rollback, I shall tuck in a thing or two, set a few things right, and start for the end again. By that time, the world will have moved on. But I will be in my time frame. Nothing will be impossible. I just have to stick to that path and not divert from it. There will be hurdles along the way but abseiling down a tough proper rope will be the best option.

But its just that I still have to start rolling back to the start.


Black Star.

Not all is yours for taking,wish you would leave a souvenir.
The stars trudge across the emptiness towards your side of the world.
The distance is tedious.
You streak ahead of the stars to make sure that they follow you.
The rainclouds gather in masses to give me company.
A hint of a song and failed emotions linger.
Masked faces in shadows of brown rise towards nothingness.
Forever you have existed.
And since forever I have tried to take your hand.
But with time, everything became murkier all the more
I could hardly make out where your hand was among all the mess.
The very hands of those masked faces have fought amongst themselves to grab my progress.
Some did and that increased the distance more
I have realized that I could sometimes make out the faces behind the brown shadows,
And these faces often than not I know only too well.
A crescendo of all the instruments reach a staggering limit in my ears
And I shout in vain.
Even she doesn't stop nor does anyone else
All lost in their own turmoil.
The longing will hover always, as will wishes and regrets galore.
The souvenir will suffice, to make something of me.
Else the black star will swoop down to distort every note and turn it upon itself.

Take it all, I want none of the pieces.
I make my way in spite of the hands that try to grab me as I pass.
Black star,was it, that would disfigure it all?
There exists no such star in my plans.
I streak ahead, I don't need your hand.
And the stars themselves stand and gape.
The rainclouds still try to accompany me
Failing which, they cover up the stars ahead of whom I am gone.

I shout again, but not in vain.
I am me, minus the pain.
I am light, I am speed.
Today I am everything that I need.


Khub kharap lekha....

For times unknown to you when you have stood by me,
For every little bit that you know of me,
For every season we cross hand in hand,
For all the joy you have brought to me.

No ocean was big enough,
No winter cold enough,
Your arms were always around me,
No sadness was sad enough.

Goodbye and farewell,
I still feel hearty and well,
Even though that bubble of fear inside me threatens to burst,
Goodbye to you and a happy yet sad farewell.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...