First Call

I made a call,
On a number that was fairly new to me.
I couldn't remember one digit each time I tried to remember it.
Had to look it up every time.

It rang several times,
Without an answer from her or anyone in her life.
Unanswered phone calls stir emotion too.
She could have been busy, she could have been not.
Maybe it was a moment of indecision on her part.
Maybe she was sleeping.

In the dead of the night,
Half dead from the weekdays
That keep coming and going like unwanted guests in my house.
Filled with deadlines that crush me like I'm deadwood.
Deadbolts to keep my mind in place,
Deadpan eyes, deadpan stares,
Deadhead alert! Clear the space!

Yet she didn't didn't clear the space in the presence of the deadhead.

Like everyone else, she fumbled.
Unlike everyone else, she didn't go her way.
I managed a smile, she managed one too.
We talked for a while till her friend arrived.
I gave her my business card.
She gave me hers too.

I made the call,
On a number that was fairly new to me.
I had memorized the curled font of  her number.
And I had almost memorized all the digits in it.


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