Life is not made up of absolutes. I firmly believe in this fact by now.
Nothing is black or white, good or evil,loved or hated, yes or no. There is always a grey area between that black or white or an indecision between the yes or no which lingers in memory for everything relevant. 
If you decide to buy a shirt, you would think about how the other color at the store would have looked with the trouser you are putting on.
If someone cheats on you, you would tend to go back to the intimate moments in spite of the hate.

Between the birth and death of a star, it outshines itself. At times we see the shine,at times the clouds get the better of it. But the star still exists against all the odds. 
As we get older, we understand what our lives are worth, is more than a definite absolute. We cling to memories and experiences and use them where we see decisions to be made. These circumstances result in more experiences that form all that matters between the yes and no,the black and white.
It's of the utmost importance,that these grey areas exist. Without them, we are just decisive, cold, calculating humans. These are the real emotions with which decisions are made in life. And without emotions, we are bare beings.

There are times in life when we do feel that an absolution is absolutely necessary;there are no emotions that should be considered,and a yes or no should be said. Problem is that the fact that we wanted to make sure no emotions are involved,is an emotion in itself. It brings with it its relevant doubts,questions, answers, solutions et al. 

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Peace will never be achieved if there is absolutes. Contrary to what the brain may say at times, the most important part of life are experiences,memories;the grey area which we want to overlook while taking decisions. But without that part of life,there are no decisions,there is no peace to our soul. 

Absolutes do not exist.


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