She stands in front of you
Your light, your night,
Your senses,your sight.

Your heart yearns to take her hand in your own,
Your heart doesn't want to agree with your brain,
Your heart tears apart under the spell of her smile,
Does you heart really know what's wrong and what's right?

Should you,for once, listen to your heart?
Give her a chance lest you lose your part?

The past cannot be undone.
You must forgive and forget.
And be the better man that you were born to be.
You must lose yourself in her thoughts and dreams,
Know her better than she knows herself,
Be her world and you will have yourself a new world,
More beautiful than you have ever known.

She stands before you
Sad yet radiant.
Without a tear to show for her hopelessness
Her gaze is endearing.

Looking at you straight in the eyes
Where she has always believed that hope resides.

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Dream Diary- Pearl Jam

Okay I am not making things up at all, I know there was a Coldplay dream earlier and now there is a Pearl Jam, but both these dreams had gaps between them, I am just trying to kind of put them in some sort of order. 

Dream Log 2:

Imagine Darjeeling,specifically the Mall Road, not all the way up to the top but somewhere in the bazaars. There are people milling about everywhere; clothes, shoes, ornaments, decorative pieces, jewellery, lamps, shawls, spices and anything you can think of, the bazaar has it all. From somewhere there is a smell of coffee and maybe a bit of onions being fried. I am kind of overseeing the whole scene. There are children running about and adults and children riding on horses. There's a permanent stench of horse feces, unknown to the locals but the tourists and the visitors have their noses wrinkled at times. Among all the shops, eateries, inns and restaurants there is a small antique shop filled with old clocks, jewellery boxes, chairs, books and all other kinds of junk stuff that you can think of. The owner of the shop is an old couple. The man sits in the shop while his wife knits mufflers and sweaters and tries to sell them at the front of the shop. Inside this very shop there are a few people who are not native to Darjeeling or India even.

It's the member of the grunge rock band from the nineties-Pearl Jam. They are all old now. Wearing loose pants and large half-kurta like t-shirts. They have mufflers around their necks which they bought from the wife in the store. They have been in Darjeeling for quite sometime now,roaming about here and there,trying out the eateries, visiting the mountains,camping. No one has recognized them yet. It's been several days. Everyone is so caught up in their mobile phones that faces are long forgotten. Plus, the band members are miles away from their home and chances of recognition were low anyway. The band didn't perform anymore even though they hadn't broken up. They just didn't because they felt they didn't reach out to people anymore, no one heard them, no one saw them, no one appreciated them. Being used to the opposite kinds of societal behaviour for years, they lost interest in doing music even for themselves.

Someone needed to tell them that they should keep the music alive, even if for just themselves. The guitars should be strummed, the drums should be played, the bass should be brought to life. So I descended from my overseeing position to them. They were pretty surprised to have met someone who recognized them and their music even,and in Darjeeling. I convinced them somehow that they should do music again. As an idea, asked them to take their musical instruments out to the bazaar and sit down at a spot and start to play their stuff and see i they enjoy playing with each other. They go up the mall road to the centre of the little town, sit down and start playing. Eddie is in a maroon flowery half-kurta, Mike is in blue, Stone is all wrapped up, Matt and Jeff are in dark green half kurtas. The band looked fabulous as the crowd started to gather around slowly. They had bought an old black radio from the antique shop and kept it in front of them as they played.

Slowly the fervour returned, Eddie's voice grew more confident, Mike's licks became more prominent and the band started to have fun. I stepped aside and flew back up to my overseeing position and watched the band regaling the crowd and finally doing music again.

And I woke up.


Dream Diary- Coldplay

As is very much evident from my blog, Coldplay is my most favourite band ever. Coldplay have never played a gig in India and they have a huge fanbase here. So when suddenly there was news and videos on Facebook of Chris Martin dropping into Summerhouse Cafe in Hauz Khas,New Delhi and performing 2-3 songs on a guitar around June this year,I was almost in tears. It did not stop there; the whole band flew down to Mumbai to shoot a video at Bandra Fort. Images surfaced of the band covered in Holi colors and shooting a video. And I couldn't believe it-Coldplay was in India, and just a few hundred kilometers away from me. All the sadness settled like sediments in bog water. I believe tThis dream was an influence of these very situations.

Dream Log 1:

Coldplay was in India. And I was there with them,backstage with a few of my friends(my ex-bandmates). When the show started, my friends had made their way to their seats; I missed the start of the show because I got into a fight with some woman who was bullying a kid. I have no idea where that kid came from. But point is, we were all friends with the Coldplay guys.Chilling at backstage together like long-time buddies,felt so cool. The show started, and they had a circular stage that U2 used in their song "City Of Blinding Lights" with the lights going in circles around them and the back lit up like the video of Coldplay's "Speed Of Sound".There were lights and fireworks and heavenly Coldplay music had descended upon us and out of nowhere, I got called upon stage to start the song "Fix You". I think it was a woman who called me onstage on behalf of Coldplay but she was also the one bullying the kid so I got onstage and punched her;she was Walter White's(yes,Breaking Bad reference!)wife(In real life, I find her character dangerously irritating!). I started Fix You, Coldplay took over, did the rest of the song, then played all my favourites (LOL!) and the concert was a tremendous success.

Also Coldplay 's band manager was Raghu from the MTV India show, Roadies;and as usual, he was shouting his head off before and after the gig at Coldplay and was shouting at us too(Can't remember why!). I think that's why us and Coldplay could and were chilling together,as we both were on Raghu's "silver lined" verbal receiving end(guess we kinda felt united in chilling together,against Raghu!) 

Everything was happening in such a rush and breathlessness that it felt maddening almost; I felt the need to wake up and did wake up all out of breath,excited,rushed,pumped.

I want to write down a few other dreams in my next few blogposts, mainly because I can never remember my dreams so I want to archive kind of whatever I remember. People tell me about their dreams,I never have any to offer. I know I dream a lot but I never remember them. Yet lately, remembering them and even controlling them has been easy it seems(if I wake up in the middle of my dream, I can fall back asleep and start off the dream from where I had left off;just by willing it! WOW!). I am glad the first dream I remember in my recent times has Coldplay in it. Call it Magic, call it truth.... Till the next time!



Zindagi mein sab kuch kaise khataara hai.
Ya toh Slow hai nahi toh NO hai.
Lagbhag everyday,pareshani ki hadh paar ho jati hai.
Par kuch sudhre bhi, baaki sab kuch aur bikhar jaati hai.

Middle finger dikhane ka man bhi ho toh
Fevicol lagana padhta hai.
Pyaar bhi karna ho toh Sunny se nahi, 
cubicle se karna padhta hai.

Shaadi,bache,foreign trips chhorke,
Feed mein aur kuch bhi dikhta hi nahi.
Darr lagta hai gaali bhi copyright na karle,
Ajkal ke hazaro smartasses mein se koi.


Split Personality

There's water everywhere,
I am floating against Gravity without any sign of land nor of a tree,
So how are there birds hovering?
Oh! Vultures trying to suck my soul up towards them.
21 grams, I had read a conspiracy theory once,
That was what the soul weighed.
Eternity, I had learned from various sources,
That was how long the soul existed.

Gravity is strong,
The Vultures are strong.
I needed balance.
I needed strength.
I needed ropes.
I needed balance.
My 21 grams of soul could stay in place then.

Sometimes I feel myself split,
Into two unequal halves like a fruit randomly cut into two.
One of the parts has a worm in it, trying to dig into the other side too.
The other part stares back lifeless.
Both shaking for some time,
Till Gravity stabilizes,
The vibrations of the molecules inside
And both lie still.

Yet Gravity synthesizes,
New patterns in my head.
A clean slate without worms.
I see trees on the water and the Vultures caught in the spiderwebs between the branches.
I had learnt to swim and could stay afloat for a while.
But Gravity would play it's part.
So I needed to climb the trees,
If I climbed the trees,
There were Vultures and Spiders waiting for me.

And Gravity synthesizes,
New patterns in my head .
The worm interferes. 
I see an island with trees on it at a distance,
I had learnt to swim and could swim for a while.

I needed land,
I needed to climb the trees.

The Vultures wouldn't follow till the island if I started to swim,
I would drown anyway, I would be a treat.

I start swimming,
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The worm leaves the fruit suddenly.

Gravity synthesizes,
New patterns in my head.
A clean slate without worms.
I see trees on the water and the Vultures caught in the spiderwebs between the branches.
I had learnt to swim and could stay afloat for a while.
Then Gravity would play it's part.
So I needed to climb the trees,
If I climbed the trees,
There were Vultures and Spiders waiting for me.

The worm would die.
But the fruit would still remain in two halves.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...