And we sailed into the darkness
Where there was light all around
Yet none ahead.
The hands pushed with all their might
We had no choice but to move ahead.

Gushing, spilling over, rushing
Most people made way for us.
Others we pushed out of the way,

The voices reached out to us,
Cold and faint at times,
Warm and endearing at times,
Scared and frightened at times,
Scary and frightening at times,
Wrapping us up in their arms,
Scattering hopes and dreams.

At least we had each other's company,
And words,
And songs,
And the wind,
And the dew in the mornings,
And the sea or the mountains at times.
The tunnel grew narrower than ever
With each passing day,
The video grew darker.
The audio became more faint.
Yet we were there;
Suspended, pulled, pushed forward,
Yanked sideways even.

Speed decreased, time was carefree;
Doing whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted.
We turned to look at each other,
Right in the eyes, without even a smile.

The darkness ahead
Gave away all at once.

And there we were in the white mouth of the tunnel,
Facing each other for our first kiss.
*Thanks to LITTLEGIANT PHOTIOGRAPHY for this pic I found on Google. I have merely edited it a little. I do not own rights to the photo*


Gravity - Coldplay

*I do not own any rights to the song, lyrics or video* :)

This is one of the most underrated and beautiful songs of the band. The song is not part of any album; I read somewhere they wrote this song and gave it to some band called Embrace who made a crappy version of the song. This version, however, is haunting and evokes so many feelings at once if u sit back and listen to the song alone and feel it. 

The video is not an official one too, but made by a Coldplay fan channel-Coldplay Music. The video is a perfect match to the haunting feeling rained down by the song and the lyrics. It's beautiful and mesmerizing. The artwork is simple, and the animated dance in the video is more than perfect. Kudos to the creators of the video. And a bigger kudos to Coldplay for touching so many heartstrings at once.

The video is here at Gravity-Coldplay

It's been a long time coming
Such a long, long time
And I can't stop running
Such a long, long time
Can you hear my heart beating?
Can you hear that sound?
'Cause I can't help thinking
And I won't stop now

And then I looked up at the sun
And I could see
Oh, the way that gravity pulls on you and me
And then I looked up at the sky
And saw the sun
And the way that gravity pushes on everyone
On everyone

When your wheels stop turning
And you feel let down
And it seems like troubles
Have come all around
I can hear your heart beating
I can hear that sound
But I can't help thinking
And I won't look now

And then I looked up at the sun
And I could see
Oh, the way that gravity pulls on you and me
And then I looked up at the sky
And saw the sun
And the way that gravity pushes on everyone
On everyone
On everyone

On everyone
On everyone
On everyone 



I think I will cry if I ever get to see this band perform live. Don't ask me what would happen if I got to meet any of them.
My life has become Coldplay. Everywhere.Everything. Everytime.
If I could, I would write the lyrics of each of my favourite songs in my blog.
I discovered a new song by the band today,titled Gravity. I do not know how I have not heard the song before. But I think it's my second favourite song after Fix You now. I have been on a loop with the song the whole day now. For some reason... the song makes me feel a lot of things all at once but I really do not know what these feelings are. I just know that there's a lot of feels in this song.
With each album, the songwriting changes,twists,turns and amazes like crazy. The last album seems to be more of storytelling than songwriting. And for some reason I feel each song transcends into the next one on the album.
There are songs by the band that are not on the popular list of Coldplay songs but are gems of their own kind. I have never heard a band so consistently beautiful. I think they are one of the main reasons I still do music. The highs and lows of each song, of each album is a fantastic ride.
My favourite songs by Coldplay are Fix You, Gravity, Amsterdam, and I am already lost about the rest....can't really pick one anymore. Favourite album has got to be Ghost Stories without doubt. The songs are beautiful. Each song more beautiful than the previous one.
Chris Martin was in India a few months back and performed randomly to a crowd in a cafe in New Delhi.I don't think I have ever felt such jealousy, sadness and all the negative emotions possible at the same time.
Every word of every song is a gem. The way the words are woven together is like magic that I have come to know only second to Leonard Cohen. But for me, Coldplay songs have tunnelled ahead of Leonard Cohen songs.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...