Rebel Pop

Okay, after reading this post(or not reading it!)some people might nickname me Narcissus but its something I consider an achievement in life and hence wanted to write about.

I have made it. After a lot of effort at the gym, swimming, food its all paid off. Weight loss is a lot of a mental challenge as a physical challenge. True, I am nowhere near abs, but it feels so much better;mentally and physically. Old clothes fit, smaller clothes fit, wardrobe needs a makeover. Plus its all coupled with the fact that my looks changed too, which required as much of an effort mentally too. Having long hair is trouble but I have come to deal with it by now.

I had started to bloat so much that my waist size went up to 36 at a point in my life. New clothes, XL tees and Shirts over 40 had to come to the rescue. But now thanks to ABs gm and swimming, YouTube and Sharda Centre Gym I am on the other side again.
Now I am down to a waist size lesser than 32(can't believe that myself!!)and on the happier side of life.
I am a foodie(comes with being a Bengali I guess)and eat just about anything and everything and no surprise, love eating. It had to be a lot of self control that made me not want to eat. But I started to do something else-I made sure I wasn't eating much of any high calorie food. That meant I was eating everything from burgers to cheesecake but not much of them, assuring my brain I had eaten thus.
Then I asked a cousin of mine to draw me up a diet chart which she did and I followed that for two weeks straight along with an additional warm water-lemon-honey concoction in the morning. That burned fat like anything I believe truly. Nonetheless, the battle was hard being  a foodie and I was finally able to buy tees of M size and a pair of jeans which is 32 at the waist very recently.

It's now all about keeping in shape in the days to come. For some reason at 26, when everyone I know are getting married, settling down, having babies, getting deadFromThe9To6Job haircuts, buying more and more formal clothes, getting their shit together, getting plump and rosy and being happy with their lives, I want to keep doing the opposite till I feel like I should be a part of that crowd too(which I assume will be very late or not happen at all!!). Hence I am not getting married, not settling down, not having babies, keeping long curly hair,getting contact lenses, buying bandanas, graphic t-shirts, messing up more and more, losing weight and I am happy with my life. YET.


The Thing About You

The thing about you is that 
When I look into your eyes
I feel like I should smile at you
In a way you cant deny(me)

And you would be bound to smile
And get me in your head
Where I'd  do things to u
You'd wish I wasn't there.

Yes I know that you already are
Hooked to the chemical system
That's flashing its signs
Saying we're meant to be....

We're meant to be...
We're meant to be....

The thing about you is that
When your saying things to me
I feel like I should kiss your lips
Wherever we might be.

And you'd be bound to kiss me back
Resisting nevertheless

Cuz for some hysterical reason
You wanna pretend to be my friend.

But I know that you already are
Hooked to the chemical system
That's flashing its signs
Saying we're meant to be....
We're meant to be...
We're meant to be....

The thing about you is you're the one for me.
Your hands twitch like mine do when we're near.

I'll wait I'll wait I'll wait for you.
And when you're done, I'll be still be here for you.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...