Saturday, June 13, 2015


Overboard and yet unfettered,
Was there reason to drown?

Floating on the surface and yet an urge to drown
Was there any reason to swim?

He wondered if she could hear his signals.
She thought he was still at the other end of the ship.
He saw the rush in her eyes.
She thought her touch had seemed hesitant.
He needed to be certain.
She needed a reason.

Who would voice their emotions?

Bound souls, cast away,
Traveling worlds.
In touch with reality
Out of touch with the surreal.
And so the unsteadiness,
Even though the weather was calm.
Wondering about the next step to take,
Wondering about the next words to say.


I am sitting at the International Arrivals section of Dulles airport right now and watching people. Reunions are always special.Different ...