Thursday, April 02, 2015


I despair,
Amidst the fools that behold me.

Underneath the tassels
the grate of the fireplace isn't warm enough.
I need the fire.
I need to feel the heat,
surging through my skin,
sucking lifeblood.

I cannot
overlook nor oversee.
procrastinate nor complete.
light up nor burn.
disappear nor turn.

Vigorously oscillating
Warping my form
Extremes untouched
In paradoxes I storm.
Tremendous breaths
Gigantic sighs
Miniatures of laughter
Am I alive?

Pushed along,
On the foggy road
They could never stay strong.
They brainwashed me too
Pushed me along
On the foggy road
I realized the wrong.

But I am too late,
I despair,Amidst the fools that behold me.


I am sitting at the International Arrivals section of Dulles airport right now and watching people. Reunions are always special.Different ...