Wedding Bells Soon!

Looks like I have to get married soon.

The statement does not rear its head owing to my age, or settled-ness or a secret desire or want or any other such factors. 

Looks like I have to get married soon just to find a house for rent in Pune. Bachelors and spinsters seem to be the utter limit of nuisance for everyone here. If you don't have a spouse, please get married and then come back and you can live in the house. Having to hunt for a house very recently, we have come across a variety of people willing to let out their properties to people. Most of them deny bachelors as if they are the worst breed of people on the earth. There are others who provide conditions and rules which must be strictly obeyed. We even heard someone tell us friends are not allowed to come over and there should be no DJ in the house. Only God knows where people learn to speak from. Our previous owner, while we were leaving, told us we were welcome to come back anytime we wanted to stay, only if we get married and come back. Housing societies are denying bachelors, people are rejecting them, where do people like us go? I was told by a friend of people who had been thrown out of their society, the reason being they were bachelors. A spinster friend living with her friends has apparently been asked to move out too. 

Where do we go? Everyone's raising their rent, deposits etc but no one realizes that the IT industry is just the glamour. Everyone thinks if you are in IT you are the big bucks earner. Every employee is filthy rich apparently. Hence the exorbitant demands in autos, cabs, tips and anywhere where a small amount of money could suffice... The basic cost of living is increasing day by day. Yet the salaries which are supposed to increase year by year isn't interested in going up at all. What do we do?

Its always those few rotten apples that spoil the entire basket. Everyone is absurd in their own ways. People should realize that and work upon it instead of launching offense against others. Accepting people isn't a crime. No one wants any trouble. As if life is peaceful anyway!! There is no way to really make sure the bachelors/spinsters will be bad news. Things need to change. And soon!!


Temporary Flower

They have straightened out the matter
And rung her wedding bells
While she had struggled
To make a fool out of their selves.
They have cast the line into water
And chosen the fattest fish
The bones could be less they said
While trying to make a dish.

They have asked the river boatman
To make sure that he comes
With all he knows and doesn’t too
They would help to keep her mum.

She wouldn’t know they said
She wouldn’t even fight
Well, she couldn’t even know
She couldn’t even fight
She would never see her toys
She would only play with boys
She would gulp down her giggles
And never make a noise.
Roads as empty
As shallow
As quiet
As dark
As fearful
As long
As lonely
As the tunnels in the dark.
Which the trains light up
Every now and then.
The lights show through
But that’s the briefest of brief seconds.
All the animals in its path will be torn down anyway.
But there will be no noise.
Except the rumbling staccato of the train.
Like the long moan of a sudden grief.
Blinding the trespassers.
Blinding all their means
Blinding their secrets
Overturning all their dreams.

Learning from her toys
She would imitate her favourite
She called herself Queen Bee
Similar to the soft one left at home.

Secrets and whispers
And a windowpane so grey
They advised her to dance to the music
That he could play so well.

So she danced
And transcended time
She swore to herself
To never let him rhyme.
She killed them off every year.
And stored away the water in her closets.
Gave them a gift every year.
Till he stopped playing his music.


Wish I Was There

I see them smile
A secret shared
Or a joke that he made.
She nods and smiles
They understand
words I cant even hear
yet I'd wanna know the reason for their laugh.

She sits quiet
He talks all the time
Never did I want a hand
in my hand
yet I wish for its warmth for a moment.
The stars smile at them
I long for their glance my way
And they walk away into the night.

The torn edges and the yellowed paper
The rush of happiness
Remains of joy held in my own hands
I could almost touch the days that had flown by.

Wish I was there.
In the secrets of the unknown friends.
Wish I was there,
In the arms of the unknown lover.
Wish I was there,
in the past where they weren't unknown.
Wish I was there,
part of someone,
part of something.
To tell myself, I was someone again.


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