This had to come pouring out sometime. Imatiaz Ali's Highway took me away somewhere. It's very rare that a Bollywood movie has this kind of an effect on me. But now that it has, I don't mind that such is the case. The different story, the characters,the locations and A.R.Rahman's genius works wonders on different levels throughout the entire movie. Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt have made the characters work very well. Except the last few minutes of the movie which got a tad bit too long, the movie was a fantastic experience. 

I have watched Highway twice in the first three days of its release. I don't mind watching it again now. Imtiaz Ali has done a brilliant job with the characters. The audience isleft to understand the reasons as to why Mahabir and Veera are the people they are. The endless explanations usually included in Bollywood movies for characters being how they are are cut out in Highway; instead Imtiaz Ali shows bits and pieces and leaves it to the audience to understand the characters themselves. He just gives hints and clues as to why they are who they are. Rahman's brilliant musical genius comes into play at the right moments. The soul of Highway lies in the music Rahman has arranged in the background. 

The best part of Highway that I absolutely loved was the character buildup. Slow and steady was the pace, in the meanwhile keeping the audience engaged with a lot of other things going on. There are light moments in the film where you will but smile. There are beautiful moments in the film where you will but smile. There are disturbing moments in the film where you will but bite your lip and ponder. 

The supporting cast of Highway is fantastic by themselves. I wish their names come to light more often after the brilliant job that they have done in this movie. Everyone seemed to be at ease with a natural flair in their acting that made the movie what it is.

Overall, a wonderful way to spend your time, to rewind,get lost somewhere and wish for nothingness. 


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