Happy New Year

We all started our journey with quite an unknown fear about the unknown. Then we graduated to that stage where we realised that even we recognized the kind of fear, the fear is still about the unknown.
We stepped from school to college to jobs, switching and changing roles and lives imperceptibly fast. So much so that we never realised what happened at the end, where all those years went by, where all those people disappeared, where all the friendships got caved in, where all the crushes got crushed, where all that love sunk. And suddenly we were 25 years old, with things to tell the world, with things to show the world, but still, afraid somewhere about acceptance.

We found ourselves the colleges of our dreams, the friends of our wishes, the jobs of our choice, the love that we desired, and then, we suddenly went blank. We switched over to the Internet and ended our lives, spreading out decay amongst us. Suddenly there were one too many of us, craving for attention, filling our shoes, cloning ourselves, picking out our brains, and we broke down. We sold our souls to the Internet again and marched ahead, cold and sad, neglecting life and its life within.

We made everyone happy, and everyone seemed as happy as they could be. They smiled and we did too, but our eyes never met, suggestive of secrets unbound. We patted each other on our backs and wished that pat would be a slap. We complimented each other in our heads and never spoke out loud. We broke up over the Internet, we made love on the phone, we silenced and smothered each other over glances, but never could we be that bold. As life ends, it never will. The pattern changed, the fervour stayed still. Then our faiths and beliefs crossed paths, we fought with smoke and liquid fire. We killed and preyed and ruined our own. And swore and cursed at those who spoke.We did fight, we did stand strong, but then we had make sure that they heard us all. Then in our efforts to make the world speak, we found ourselves forgotten and discreet. Time had passed and we had stalled, washed away what was meant for us all.

Till this day, we don't know our place; we're all trying to reach them stars and compromising with a stair. And now the stairs are also jam packed, so we wait for another star and all of it stairs. They might be dusty but we do not really care, as long as we got a place, we'll just stand there.

The solution that comes to mind is to let go of it all. Sink in the feelings you nurture. Find bliss in the very moment of it all. Give and take is part of life. Coming and going is part of life. 2014 needs to be a start afresh to all that has been pent up yet. With changes in every possible way to what we'd never known. Afraid to finish? Of course we are. Hence the game, why not take the chance. They are there to back us up if we need, brush off the dust and send us back to life even if it's too incomplete. Maybe the plan will work, maybe it won't. Sitting and planning the life will never cease the unknown.

Happy New Year to me. Cheers to that endlessness.


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