Nutrition Devastation and other quips

A lot of things happened. Bob cheated on Elise with her friend, Penny. What a shame. Apparently, Elise still loves him and is shattered to pieces. Bob and Penny used to go out at one point of time. There's a lot of history that not even Elise can deny that can cause problems.

I went to this "awesome" restaurant called April Rain today.Contemporary Cuisine it said. I swear you go there when you have kids and nothing to do in life. The food was horrible, music was horrid, and they messed up dessert too. HOW do you mess up a brownie with ice cream? There was no salt in my friend's biryani. The Espagnole sauce rice on my platter was bad, the chicken seemed an aged one on my other friend's Young Chicken Steak platter(Imagine the irony,I swear beef is softer!), and the Tiramisu stank of coconut so much it seemed to hit my head directly, and they burnt the brownie. Nutrition Devastation I call it. And its not as if they were charging moderate even. Sky high prices. I missed McDonald's just around the corner.

 Two guys and two girls were walking ahead of me today, discussing cartoons they used to watch. One girl was singing Popeye the Sailor Man,and I though how similar our lives were even though I was from Calcutta, they were from Pune. "Remember Flintstones? Tom and Jerry? Best was Dexter" said one girl. The guy walking beside her said,"yeah that's a super series, I love the action and the thrill". I looked at him as did the others, blankly for a moment and then realization dawned and I did a mental facepalm.

Sam is gone crazy. She is surfaced again. And is now totally confused about who she is and who she wanted to be. Apparently I have to deal with it. I will of course.

After what happened with Bob and Elise, I don't think Michael should keep in touch with Beth. I have to tell him this. They're pretty okay but Michael himself has these frenzied moments where he thinks it's not going well and is not fair to Beth. He's right of course, but Beth has put the bulldozer on him saying it's all his choice. Now Michael is torn. He doesn't really know what to do now. He told me he realizes that there might be problems later on but the friendship isn't causing harm at this moment except keep stirring the question-broth. I'll tell him.



The Artist

I wrote this song a few days back,for anybody who is an artist in their own right in any way. There's always a hesitation among people to accept them, generally because there are hundreds like them who have existed before and still do. But hey, there's no need for everyone to change the world;you just keep on doing what you do and accept what people do,both with a smile, and everything will be alright.

I could paint my world in shades of red,
and shades of greens n a blue or two.
I could wrap it up in pink and beige,
and see the  world as I wanted to.
Did u know?
Did you know?

I could build myself a satellite.
I could take a train to paradise.
I could see my world in black and white,
and see the world as I think is right,
Did u know?
Did you know?

I can't say for sure if it'll be the same,
but I'll color up my world, till
Did u know?
my hand starts to ache....
Did you know?

I could lose count of days when I'm painting,
my world with all the shades that you're thinking,
I can't let u in no no I'm lyin' broken  on the floor.

You think I'm wrong,
Don't think I'm wrong.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...