To be or not to be

I think I believe in Karma. I mean I do think a lot of things. But am not really sure of the exact stuff I do want to believe in or the ones I should. I mean it keeps changing.There was once a point when I used to believe in Destiny,I don't think I do at this moment. maybe some event in the future will trigger that belief again in me. But till then, I guess Karma has taken it's place. I do good, good happens to me. I go for bad, bad goes for me.

I kept thinking about the fact that I have had it too easy always. That's why I have never reached anywhere in life,nor personally. I escaped everytime things got  a bit tough around me. So I decided to not escape from stuff instead. Now that I am doing that, I am discovering  a lot of things that I was losing out. And contrary to my earlier belief, I am actually enjoying this part. Yes at times,it's getting frustrating and I want to give up. but I am reminding myself that I must go through with this, to know what it is like, to be a better person, and to be down to earth and be practical. It's teaching me a lot. I am surprised to find myself enjoying all this right now.

I hope I grab right opportunities during this phase,otherwise,it's bound to be like a long bad hangover.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...