Grungy Floating Palaces Of Gold

I couldn't see ahead even when the light shone bright.
Complacency changed the whole wide world.
The rivers flowed as I counted my days at the start,
They kept flowing even when I forgot to count.
They kept screaming in my ears and I bade them well,
They were right I knew,but I couldn't blame myself.
Too many lives, too much to know,
And at the end, I forgot who I was.
I kept thinking I'm the king,
All the while knowing deep inside,
That I was a pawn,
and the world chose its sides.
You'll never be good as I am,
I'll never be good as them,
Stuck in our grungy floating palaces,
We assure ourselves the walls are all gold.
Every night there's a new dream,
Every day there's a new man.
By night again, I have got to sleep,
And the next day I'm a changed again.

It was wrong to dream, to aspire and change the world.
Those who bought a boat, floated safely down the river.
Now the river's flooding its banks, and all its fish are dead.
And I have nowhere to run, which anyway will not help.


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