A little way into the past,
there's a bit of you and me.
Not the ones that you or I know of now,
but ones with the horribly bruised knees.

A togetherness that will never be,
and a kiss that says I love you without a word here and there.
Endless complaints to feel free,
never having to try too hard to care.

There we were, making promises to each other in packs,
bailing out every time someone failed to bother.
Fights and tiffs amidst love so different from eight years back,
holding on secretly to confusing fathers and mothers.

Now we have to make sure our kids don't fall,
make sure we have saved enough to last ten falls,
make sure we are there to cure our world,
whenever there is a chance to lose every bit of it all.

And then comes the part where we can't have our way,
watch out so that the cocoon of happiness doesn't constantly break,
hold on to everyone around so they don't complain
then return home with a heart as heavy as hell.

And all the promises to be there forever are broken forever,
with only a hope that tingles the heart with lies.
So when the lights in the city die out one by one,
all we can do is try to stir our heart to fight.

But when the soul is beat and the eyes so yellow,
the mind so numb and the heart so mellow,
All we can do is put the children's hearts in the little glass jars,
and lie down comfortably to stare at the stars.


Star Child

When times change,people don't.
So goes the law of nature that traverses time.
But every hundred years or so there's a change that is inevitable.
So much so that people forget what it was like to be old.

There comes a change in sanity and insanity alike.
Every door gushes forth a child unmistakably unbound.
And thousands rise in rebellion against the dam that had broken the earth.
Falling and rising with each wave of the hand
the masses swirl into unknown depths.
And the depths loom and loom blacker with the sun that rises everyday.
While everyone learns to know what is wrong in their right.

Suddenly the songs have no meaning
and the nation searches for a soul to write
And one day out of nowhere in obscurity emerges one warrior
fighting the publishers and the mongrels alike.
The nation finds its voice and screams out in glory,
hiding courage in their overconfident tones.
And when the time comes to prove their death to the world
they go down in history as characters of a distant past.
The future hardly pays any attention to what they did,
sacrificing what they had so that we could be.

And all we care about are diamond stars
And all we care about are fancy cars.

Nowhere do we think of the hundreds slaughtered
to excuse the whims of cowards that preach lies.
Nowhere do we write down laws
to severe the ties of inhumanity.
Never do we remain satisfied.

Somewhere,sometimes a little heart breaks.
Somewhere,sometimes a little heart is sold.
Somewhere,sometimes a little heart grows weary.
Somewhere,sometimes a little heart grows old.
Children of the star, grated by evil against the wall.
Sanity goes amiss, when asked to take the fall.
And they do because they have nowhere to go.
Only one to believe,and no one to say no.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...