How our lives are all entwined. In every walk of life we meet people who are not even remotely related to us. But yet somehow somewhere I feel they are just the same once you get to know them. Whether they hail from Bahrain or Trinidad or even from some other part of your own country, there definitely are cultural differences but if we get to know them properly, we'll know they go through the same things we do. Schooling, colleges, bunking, movies, music, hanging out with friends, coffee, chocolates, working, companies, families, babies in the household, siblings etc are never much of a different scenario. It's just how we perceive them.
Starting work in my life was an apprehensive moment. I arrived in Pune city, all alone and put up at dad's friend's place. Such nice people. The city is just so small. It'll take a maximum of an hour and half by car from one end of the city to another. Transportation is horrible and oh-so-expensive. But I made friends at work and people are really nice. I have always wanted a n eclectc mix of cultures to work with and now I have that. I have colleagues from every corner in India and one from the center even. Everyone's pretty cool and the interaction level is just amazing. Out of the 25 in my batch, half of them are from my college so no difficulties there although I do wish things might have been shuffled and mixed a bit more. The other half include the West, North, South and the one from central India.
Getting to know them slowly, I found how we are all just the same with same responsibilities, lives, ways of doing things, but each with a different dream. Maybe these dreams are not very clear to me as of yet on the 3 weeks I have spent with them, but it is clear that everyone is looking for something, looking to climb higher, looking for their dreams to realise. We've all had similar setbacks, downfalls and our own shares of bad luck; but at the end of everything we are now all together at Tech Mahindra. Seems like a sign, does it?
With the start of office, writing s just gone outta the window, as is songwriting and playing guitar..... People keep telling me about my gifts and talent but I have no idea about where to put them to good use. Work life is a boon and a vice at the same time. On one hand its that independence, the financial independence, the freedom that we are supposed to enjoy. On the other hand we lose everything dear to us, everything we loved or had wished to continue, especially the hobbies.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...