Dreams That Never End

I think I got lost today
With the rise of the morning star.
I looked back to see if I was being followed,
But I made it safely across before the sun rose.
Now I have miles ahead of me,
To discover every realm there could possibly be.
I am left with the oceans and the forests,
Villages and cities,
Overflowing with my people all around the world.
And nowhere will I stop too long
Unless I could really use some rest for my tired feet.

All the lamp posts glow dim at dawn,
I never really noticed that.
Light replaces light,
While the fire shirks away.
And the music flows through the very blood of our souls.

I can see the chimney smoke and the smoke from the cars.
I know I am in the city now.
Here direction is aimless and my mind keeps stretching till it tears,
Yearning for coffee in a way I have never known.

With cigarette butts and coffee black,
And shoes cast aside in formal ways,
I make my way and I make my way
Through everything perceived by the eye,
invisible to the eyes of all distant men.

I toiled on my  dreams for years before
I made it out with a flicker of sadness.
But choices were never my friends,
And I fell as soon as I passed the test.
I could go on forever I thought.
But age makes one weary of  the road.
And I grow restless and restless,
While there's talk of me quitting my way.
But I am jubilant and more eager to stay on my way,
Picking up ways foreign to my native clouds.

That was the dream and it shall never end.
Till the end of my days draws near,
I'll keep sleeping through every storm that might rear its head.

And when I'm done I won't even know.
It's just too less to ask for when there's so much to know.


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