Too many things are lost everyday.
Important things.
Important to you and me.
And things that seem important,
but are not,
go the same ways.

We keep getting lost, 
you and me,
without a trace.
Not knowing how we should be.
But we keep coming together somehow somewhere.
And then we keep getting lost again.

Intricacy is a part of feelings.
Feelings that aren't true anymore.
Feelings that are on the verge of a sudden cliff.
Feelings seemingly familiar from such a long time ago.

There are ways to know if you care.
There are ways to make sure you don't.
Faith blinds the very road inside out.
And belief sets you free.

I don't know how long it takes
for my heart to jump
or for my feet to brake.
Seemingly straight is my mellow road.
Unseen and swaying is its wake.
I keep crossing out every option that comes my way,
with my arms stretched out forever,
as if I  have forgotten how to pray.
And through the worlds I walk thus,
Adding a drop of poison to my skin.
Each day it spreads faster than cancer
until I bend double in pain.
But you smile and I smile back.
I never did tell you the secret of my skin.
I could whisper into your ears forever
of everything that makes for nothing in the world.
And you would know at the end,
you would know everything and clutch in vain.

My thoughts aren't deep 
neither are they scarce.
But together with yours
they're bound to leave scars.

And in the end,
all the people hurt,
all the people shamed,
all the people wronged,
and all the people tamed,
they'll visit you once,
to forgive and forget.
And then you would know,
there was love all along
hiding in your heart secretly
when all you did
was stay away.


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