Somedays you lay back to think of what to do.
Somedays are when you have nothing left to do.
Somedays are when you tell yourself its alright.
Somedays are when just nothing seems to be right.
Somedays you look outside and you know what to do.
Somedays you keep staring without ever meaning to.
Somedays never seem to pass when you want it so bad.
Somedays are so good that you never know when its passed.
Somedays you call a friend to tell them what is wrong.
Somedays you keep to yourself and tell yourself to be strong.
Somedays are lonelier and you want someone by your side.
Somedays are so full of life you forget to see the light.

Someday you will realize what you did was fine.
Someday you will realize there's no need for lying.
Someday you will realize that you cant just have it all.
The closest you will get is when you start to fall.


Uncertain reasons of joy

A small part of me knows when to step back
but most of the times I never listen to it.
I know my steps forward can never always bring me luck
but I try nevertheless with utmost conviction.

Blessed is he who cannot know what is right or wrong
because in our world of uncertainty
there is always an existential fight.
you may never know where or what you did wrong.
but deep down,u believe it or not,
u know you alone are responsible.

I try n try hard to please everyone in sight
end up failing myself
flailing arms open wide.
I go ahead barge full steam.
and when I have crossed the line
I am sorry more than i have ever been.

"A little gesture goes a long way" 'they' say
I dunno where 'they' came from
because i find all the words there to be astray.

But at the end of every trip
I find time to look back.
and laughter comes gushing forth somehow
whether i did wrong or right.
The delight is unbounded.
The reason is still unknown.
All i know is I am ready
for my next trip that's in store.


It's getting dark outside The winter cold almost upon us, I know you are thinking about me as I am about you. We are cut from the sa...