The Martyr

You cursed my eyes open
When all I could see was black with glittering buttons of light when the light crossed.
And all I saw was white all around-a world different from what I had known and seen.

You're scarred and broken against the might and greed forced on
And you plead to die, if not, get over the pain quickly.
And what was & never will be is in the disguise of the sheep that still bleats on the mountain side crying against the biting winds that storm from the north.

And you shall never be born again,

But we will carry on, murderers who killed you and me.
And you'll still beckon, you'll yet plead
And we'll lend our ears, but never will we ever meet.

Let my eyes shut and let me hallucinate of streaks of light in a place where silver women talk to trees,
Where lust and greed rarely meet,where you barely choke from the smoke and filth.
Yes we will meet there, in a world lost long before in dreams and songs,
And the sheep shall bleat on the mountainside while I'll look down,
Circling against the white rocks in the untouched blue, flying against the west wind that plays puppeteer to the trees.

And you shall be born again...


I don't I don't I don't....

I don't like a lot of stuff.
1. I don't like men wearing lungis.
2. I don't like mushy women.
3. I don't like saas bahu soaps.
4. I don't like having to do much work.
5. I don't like writing with blue pens.
6. I don't like my stuff thrown higgledy piggledy.
7. I don't like people talking for the sake of it.
8. I don't like the fact that i don't have a camera on me all the time.
9. I don't like those stupid bengali songs that people continue to sing on ctvn akd n such channels etc.
10. I don't like to wake up early in the morning.
11. I don't like going to college.
12. I don't like my cellphone,it can't play songs.
13. I don't like rakhi sawant.
14. I don't like the dog in my locality which keeps barking its head off in the middle of the night.
15. I don't like talking to people when i am sleepy.
16. I don't like veg food.
17. I don't like new bedsheets or new clothes that prickle.
18. I don't like the fact that my parents don't understand the fact that i have 2 lives n have to live both without trying to compromise on the other as much as possible.
19. I don't like very high society people and their stupid touchy ways.
20. I don't like being told off all the time.
21. I don't like mosquitoes irritating me.
22. I don't like when i am hungry and there's no food.
23. I don't like it when i wanna write but cannot.
24. I don't like it wen someone tempts me with chocolate and I can't have it then.
25. I don't like the fact that I cannot play guitar better than what I can.
26. I don't like tacky
bollywood movies or songs like de dana dan n baamulaiza, yeeesh!!
27. I don't like
garia,jadavpur and behala-it seems to be teeming with all the people of the city,n the rickshaws n vehicles,i won't even start on that.
28. I don't like
29. I don't like the fact that I don't have a dog.
30. I don't like the tram system in

That's it for now I guess... :P


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